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CNC Machining in Brass

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, with good machinability and corrosion resistance. It has an attractive golden color and is often used in precision components for the automotive, aerospace, and marine industries. Brass also has good thermal conductivity, making it suitable for heat exchangers and other thermal management components.

Brass materials are commonly used in CNC machining processes.

CNC machining is a manufacturing method for producing parts with exceptional mechanical properties, as well as high precision and repeatability. This process can be applied to both metal and plastic materials. In addition, CNC milling can be performed using 3-axis or 5-axis machines, providing flexibility and versatility in the production of high quality parts.




CNC machining is widely used in the production of metal and plastic parts, offering superior mechanical properties, accuracy, and repeatability. It is capable of both 3-axis and 5-axis milling.


CNC machining stands out for its exceptional mechanical properties, delivering high strength and durability in the produced parts. Additionally, it offers a remarkable level of accuracy and repeatability, ensuring consistent and precise results.


However, compared to 3D printing, CNC machining does have certain limitations in terms of geometry restrictions. This means that there may be constraints on the complexity or intricacy of the shapes that can be achieved through CNC milling.




Lead Time

< 10 days


±0.125mm (±0.005″)

Max part size

200 x 80 x 100 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

How to CNC mill brass?

To CNC mill brass, follow these steps:

Prepare your CAD files: Create or obtain a 3D model of your brass part in CAD software and save it in a compatible file format (such as . STL).

Upload your CAD files: Visit our platform and upload your CAD files. Specify any additional requirements or specifications for your brass parts.

Receive a quote: Our system will analyze your CAD files and provide you with an instant quote based on factors like complexity, size, and quantity.

Confirm and submit: If you are satisfied with the quote, confirm your order and submit it for production. Review all the details and specifications before proceeding.

Production and delivery: Our team will process your order and CNC machine your brass parts according to the provided specifications. You will receive your finished parts within the quoted lead time.

What brass is used for machining?

Brass C360 is commonly used for CNC machining brass parts. It is a highly machinable alloy with good tensile strength and natural corrosion resistance. Brass C360 is ideal for applications that require low friction and is widely used in various industries.

How much does it cost to CNC brass?

The cost of CNC machining brass depends on factors such as the complexity and size of the part, the type of brass used, and the number of parts needed. These variables affect the machine time required and the cost of raw materials. To get an accurate cost estimate, upload your CAD files onto our platform and use the quote builder to receive a customized quote. This quote will consider the specific details of your project and provide you with the estimated cost of CNC machining your brass parts.

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