Our Story


Our Story

Mr. Fu Weigang was born in a small town famous for making shoes in Fujian, China. If he just obeys the arrangement of his parents or follows the footsteps of his friends, he may become a successful shoe dealer. However, for him who has loved mechanical toys since childhood, he has his own things to do. With his diligence and eager to learn, at the age of 18, he was admitted to Shenzhen University, a high-level university 1060 kilometers away from his hometown, to study mechanical engineering. Four years later, he graduated successfully and became an engineer. At this time, he met his wife, the love of his life - Ms. Melinda. Melinda works in a large precision manufacturing company. She is serious about her work, very familiar with the field of precision parts processing, and has 100% enthusiasm for customers.

Once, a customer who has worked with her for many years complained to her that the parts are becoming expensive now, and if the quantity is small, no supplier is willing to cooperate. Her company is usually only willing to mass production. So she had an idea: Why don't I open a company of my own? In this way, she can help customers solve problems more flexibly.

So Kachi was born......


Kachi strive to continuously upgrade the equipment and study the most advanced technologies to be a expert in the field. The founder of Kachi took the whole professional life into the high-precision parts machining,leading an outstanding and mature engineering team. Kachi will never reduce the quality for the expediency.

  • history-(1)
    2013 Kachi Precision Manufacturing founded in Wanjiang, Dongguan by Weigang Fu. Wu worked as a machining engineer for 8 years before he established Kachi.
  • history-1
    Invested the first CNC machine
  • history-(2)
    Factory moved to Zhuolin Industrial Park
  • history-(4)
    Global Business Department is established in Nancheng, Dongguan in May. Obtain ISO 9001:2015 certification in September.
  • history-(3)
    Global Business Office moved to a larger new facility to solve growing demand.
  • history-5
    Factory expansion, Global Business Office expansion, renew ISO 9001:2015 certification.