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Whether you need 1 prototype part or low volume production parts,
our CNC machining department has you covered.

Our Service

Kachi precision dedicated to offer provide our customer one-stop service from  machining protototype to batch production, In every job we do, we strive to be easy to work with..From one part to one million, Whether it is running  out to achieve faster lead times, or utilizing our stocking program for blanket orders, our engineer expert will support to review the designs and provide cost-saving solution. find out how we can help.


CNC Machining

Kachi Precision is a Dongguan-based CNC machining services provider with more than 10 years of industry experience.


Low Volume Manufacturing

Milling is the process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material by advancing a cutter into a workpiece.


Sheet Metal Protype

Sheet metal fabrication refers to the process of making parts from a sheet of metal or metal alloy, either through cutting...


CNC Swiss Machining

Swiss machining is a manufacturing technique that offers specialized tool cutting designed to turn metal stock into...


Surface Finishing

Various options of finishes fit your final needs.
Anodizing on aluminum frequently used in different application.


Quality Assurance

We are able to check your custom parts in two ways against your design specs for proper precision and...

How Kachi Work

With years of manufacturing experience, Kachi offers the best solution for all rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing needs.


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Upload your designs files & tell
us important details.


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Start Production

Begain working with our team to make
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The report will list the number of parts,
critical dimensions, threads and tolerances,
thickness and depth, and part appearance.


Receivce Your Parts

Your custom parts are delivered
straight to your doorstep.


After-Sales Service

We provide exclusive one-to-one service,
respond and solve all after-sales
problems within 48 hours.

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See What Our Customers Say About us

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The Kachi team reliably provides advanced precision machining skills.Their expertise supports my medical devices, meeting  schedules without fail. Frequency helps, Kachi is simply good to work with.

Dr. Kim
- Product Development Manager


Kachi continually delivers quality work on schedule. Hands-on with complex or high-volume projects, their results inspire confidence. Professionalism to depend on, an asset for any supply chain.

Park Chul
- Procurement Manager


Kachi efficiently prevents mistakes and speeds up prototyping. Responsive precision machining solutions minimize costs while maintaining its standard. Always value for money, Kachi helps our R&D stay focused.


- Senior R&D Engineer


Kachi aptly handles the small components in our telecoms devices. Capable, versatile and fast, precision and quality remain priorities.  Key to navigating a changing market, Kachi helps us move ahead.


- Sourcing Manager


When I need precision parts done right, Kachi is my choice. Skilled work, quick turnaround and sensible advice ensure the results I want. Calibrating for the technical challenge, Kachi is perfectly suited.

Adachi Ayumi

- Mechanical Design Engineer


We have checked your work and have also finished the complete assembly of the device.
Result. You and your team did a great job from A to Z. Congratulations to the KACHI team !


-Project&Purchasing Manager


Our experienced team will assist you and provide comprehensive solutions to your parts issues.
Please consult us today!