3 points to make your CNC machining quotation more professional

Beginning: As a CNC processing company, it is very important to provide customers with professional quotations. Improper quotation will not only lose orders, but also affect the reputation of the company. Today I will share 3 key points to make your quotation more professional.


Part 1: Deeply Understand Customer Needs

In order to understand the real needs of customers more comprehensively and accurately, we will take the following measures to understand the details of customer needs in depth. Through face-to-face communication, we will understand how customers plan to use the product, and in what working environment and application scenarios the product will be used. At the same time, we will ask customers about their previous experience in the field and any problems they may have faced to avoid duplication. In addition, we will provide samples for customers to conduct field testing to verify whether the product can meet performance and appearance requirements. We will also understand any special customer needs in terms of product packaging, transportation and subsequent technical support. Only by fully grasping all details can we design a quotation plan that best meets the actual needs of our customers.



Part 2: Comprehensive consideration of various factors affecting costs

We will calculate the basis of the quotation based on the time cost of each production process, while taking into account various other factors that may affect the total cost to arrive at a more accurate cost assessment. For example, we will give a price range considering raw material price fluctuations. We will also simulate the production process to find more efficient solutions to reduce costs. In addition, we will work with our suppliers to learn more about auxiliary materials and equipment rental costs. Our quotation will also refer to the quotation level of our peers to design a competitive plan. We will reserve necessary expenses for possible problems during the production process such as equipment failure. The quotation design will leave some room for adjustments in later commercial negotiations.




Part 3: Comprehensive support for quotation content

In addition to the quotation itself, we will also provide additional information such as detailed production plans, payment terms instructions, and trial production verification to more comprehensively support the quotation. Our product samples will allow customers to inspect and confirm product quality. Our quotations will indicate the period during which the quotation is valid and the mechanism by which adjustments may be made. Our after-sales service instructions will clarify the scope of various responsibilities and service standards. We are committed to providing customers with a reliable choice of cooperation through professional attitude and comprehensive support.


This article aims to design a competitive quotation plan to meet customer needs. We will understand the actual usage needs and environment of customers’ products through face-to-face communication to avoid duplication of work. We will comprehensively consider cost factors such as raw material price fluctuations and optimize the production process to reduce costs and provide a more accurate cost assessment. We will also learn about auxiliary costs from suppliers and refer to peer quotes to reserve necessary costs for possible problems such as equipment failure. In addition to the quotation, we will also provide detailed production plans, payment terms, product samples, quotation details, and other information to fully support the quotation content and provide customers with reliable cooperation options.

Post time: Dec-12-2023